Rent or Buy 8x20 Lil Blue THOW!

Ever wanted the chance to spend a night in a tiny house before actually committing to buying a tiny house? Tiny House Crafters is proud to offer the 8x20' LIL BLUE tiny house on wheels, built by Tiny Living Spaces, for RENT at our stunning property in Landgrove, Vermont, or to BUY! 

Here is the deal - while we help search for permanent owners of Lil Blue, we are offering it as a short-term vacation rental through Airbnb. This will give curious parties a chance to get to know Lil Blue and/or spend some quality R&R in the wilds of Vermont. 

Who doesn't want to vacation in a tiny house?!

Lil Blue is an 8x20 on-grid tiny house with one lofted bedroom space access by pull-out stairs, a full kitchen, a full bathroom with shower, lots of storage, built-in bench/living space, skylights, and a drop-down porch.

It is mostly electric (lights, plugs, mini-split heat/cool, induction cooktop, oven, dishwasher, tv/entertainment system) with a propane on-demand hot water heater. It requires year-round, on-grid, pressurized fresh water to supply the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower.

Lil Blue can be set up with a flushing toilet (needs sewer or septic hookup for this), or we can provide a Separett composting toilet or the cute little composting bucket system as seen in the pics.

NOTE: the Lil Blue rental DOES NOT have running water or a flush toilet. It is TEMPORARILY set up for renters while searching for an owner, which means it has electricity, heat, and a composting toilet. We will provide fresh drinking water for our renters, but note that the shower and dishwasher will not be in use. It's a rustic experience!!


Lil Blue is listed at $54,900 and is ready to be picked up ASAP.

Lil Blue is being sold unfurnished - let's chat if you want what you see in the pics!
Property is not included. Delivery is not included.

The BEST way to see Lil Blue is to arrange a short-term rental via Airbnb.