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Are you ready for a tiny house but unsure of how or if they can withstand our New England winters?

Utilities are a HUGE part of the vital design considerations that are made when designing and building a tiny house. This is especially true in colder climates like New England.

Learn how to design, manage, and monitor your resources during winter so you can stay cozy and comfortable all winter long!

Learn about what it takes to survive a winter in a tiny house!

How do you get water into your tiny house? Where does it go? And how do we keep it from freezing?!

Mold is caused by excess humidity and is a big problem in tiny houses. Learn how to prevent the condensation that leads to mold!

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The Tiny House Crafters eBook is finally here! Dive deep into the nitty-gritty of tiny house design including:

  • Choosing the right size tiny house

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  • Building a tiny house for New England winters

  • Choosing appliances for your budget

  • Protecting your investment

  • Navigating the tricky path to tiny home ownership


Hi, we are Kate and Anderson and this is our tiny house blog! For more than five years, we have been building tiny houses for the New England climate. Through much trial and error and the help of our wonderful clients we have learned many building tips and tricks for designing utility systems and staying warm and dry all winter long. If you are looking to design and build a tiny house, please stick around!