Welcome to the post-Jellyfish Meltdown survey! Your opinions are SO valuable for us to be able to throw a better, more efficient event. We do it all for you and want you to be happy and inspired to attend future events. Let us know how we can make that happen.

I know this is a bit long, but please take the time to answer everything honestly.

This form is anonymous, so it’s okay if you need to be a bit harsh.


Did you have fun at the jellyfish meltdown? *
Would you attend another jellyfish meltdown-esque event? *
Were you comfortable in the roundhouse?
Did you have enough to eat throughout the weekend? *
What was your favorite meal at the roundhouse? (choose all that apply) *
Where did you end up sleeping? *
Rate your sleeping situation: *
Do you have a performance you would like to perform if we did this again? Do you know someone who should perform?
Would you have liked to help out, performed, or had more responsibility in arranging the event? *
Jelly swag! Did you like your commemorative mug? (check all that apply)
Did you like your bracelets? *
Would you be interested in receiving more commemorative swag for future memorable events and nostalgia? *
Who’s the funky band that will make you dance until your legs go limp? *
Okay, so this next part is where we get totally real - we need to discuss cost, value, and your feelings on running an event like this. Please be honest, even brutally, if necessary. All feedback will help us throw better and more affordable events! Were you able to pay the full amount for your ticket? *
Do you think the roundhouse venue is worth the added cost to the event? *
Did you think the decorations and visual arts were valuable additions to the performances and overall jellyfish vibe? *
Would have like to have more people at the event, or less? (choose all that apply) *
How did you think the schedule and arrangement worked out? *
Would you have preferred to bring your own beer and/or liquor and remove that cost from the ticket price? *
A small amount of the budget went to supplying materials for arts and crafts, jelly-brellas, and costume making. What are your thoughts on that? *
Do you think that you got your money’s worth? *
Do you think you got your money’s worth, specifically where you were able to sleep? *
Would you trust Leah and her prep team to throw another event for you? *
Knowing now what kind of magical event the meltdown turned out to be, would you be willing to commit and pay for a similar event well in advance in order to help make planning, budgeting, organizing easier on the crew in the future? *
Tiny House Crafters are excellent to work with and very responsive to questions and comments. Very mindful of budget and my particular needs and wants and offered great research and alternatives. Our partnership and team cooperation was invaluable. I love my Tiny Home and enjoyed the adventure of design and building it with Tiny House Crafters.
— John E. Rodrigue, owner of the 8x24 'Rodrigue' Tiny House, Pownal, ME
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