Tiny House Crafters has been building houses since 2013. Since then, we have worked on between one and four houses a summer! We have worked on everything from turn-key tiny houses, to tiny house shells, and even tiny house renovations. We don't like to consider anything a "model" in the traditional sense. We can build you something similar to what we have built before or a brand new design!

Modifications and customization is our specialty. Everything we build is designed from scratch for our unique clients.

Take a look at some of our previous models below. Feel free to use their design as inspiration for your custom tiny house

The Sherwood

The Sherwood is our most popular model, in fact, we have built three! Even the Rodrigue is modeled after the Sherwood. With it's simple floor plan and modern amenities, it's a popular choice for budget-savvy individuals. 

Amenities include: Full sized kitchen with three burner range and stainless steel sink; electric mini fridge; butcher block counter tops; full bathroom with plumbed toilet, sink, and stall shower; convenient stairwell to loft with hide-away storage; on-demand propane hot water heater; 18,000 BTU propane wall mounted heater; eight energy efficient, double pane windows; 30 Amp electric hook up; ceiling fan and hardwired USB ports; exterior lighting and outlets; all natural cedar wood siding and trim with pine board interior; and ample built-in storage.


The Oacoma

The Oacoma was the first tiny house built by Tiny House Crafters' (before there even was a Tiny House Crafters!) in the winter of 2013 as his thesis project for Northeastern University. The project involved navigating many tiny house particulars for the first time within the final semester of Anderson's senior year and because of such, the interior was never fully completed. 

Before the house was sold in the summer of 2013, it was pulled from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Oacoma, South Dakota, and back again. The model's durability during the journey was the impetus for creation of Tiny House Crafters, so we could share the joy of simple yet exciting living options with others.


Hey! Where are the rest of your models?!

Try not to think of Tiny House Crafters as your traditional tiny house builder with traditional models. We actually build everything completely custom and design from the trailer up for each build with our clients. That's what makes us so special - our attention to detail and the personal relationship we build with each client as we work together to create the tiny house of your dreams!