Tiny House Resource List

A collection of articles, products, and tiny house discussions from around the web.
We will be adding to this as we find more great tiny house resources!

We have LOTS of great articles on our blog about parking, financing, and utilities. Check it out!

Need a place to park your house? Start by checking the tiny house map, the tiny house community map, and tinyhouseparking.com!
Need a trailer for your tiny house DIY? Call our pals at J & J Trailers and Truck Equipment!
Need insurance for your tiny house? Check with Darrell Grenz or AMIG.com right now!

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If you have a lead on great articles and/or resources, please let us know! We love to keep learning about exciting tiny house options.

Disclaimer: the information on this resource lists covers a vast amount of information regarding price, availability, and locality of products. Tiny House Crafters can make no guarantee about how adding any of these products to your tiny house will affect price or usability of a custom model. We would be happy to help you work through your options as we begin to design your dream tiny house. However, an informed client is a happy client! Please use these links as a guide as you begin to prepare for tiny living and building.