Custom Builds

At Tiny House Crafters, customization is king. Start by filling out our Tiny House Builder Form to give us a sense of your project. We can take sketches, inspirational images, or just your thoughts and ideas and turn it into a tiny house that is ready for you to move into.

No two clients are the same, so no two tiny houses should be the same either! Every square foot of your custom tiny house will be designed together. Built-in storage? Energy efficient appliances? Tailored aesthetics? You bet!

Budget conscious? No problem! We are happy to help tailor your home to suit your budget. We also build shells finished to any degree so you can finish it yourself at your leisure. 

Drafting Custom Plans

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Interested in doing it yourself? Our in-house architect, Bob, can draft up completely custom building plans that you can use to build your own tiny house on wheels. Framing plan services include technical information such as how to secure the subfloor to the trailer and proper fastening techniques for a safe tiny house as well as technical support throughout your build. 

The custom plans fee increases based on how detailed you are hoping your framing plan to be. This can just be the framing plan, or also include the utilities and the placement of amenities, built-ins, etc. This entails a lot of one-on-one design time over the phone, Skype, or in person with Bob. 

R & D

Interested in owning your very own tiny house one day, but are still in the dreaming and scheming phases? Our research and development services will help you design your perfect home - right down to the appliances and trim color.

Together, we will create your ideal 2D layout; decide what appliances, utilities, and amenities are best for you; and figure out how to achieve your preferred tiny house aesthetic. 

This service does not include building plans, but the fee can be put towards our other services.

Need more information? Check out our collection of tiny house guides:

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Renovations & Jobs

Tiny House Crafters can offer many other services outside of tiny houses. Do you have a project for us? 

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