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If you are interested in working with a team of professionals to build your very own custom tiny house, you have come to the right place. Start here to learn about what we can do for you, a general timeline of the process, and what you can expect as our client.

Please read this page thoroughly if you are interested in working with us. 

Step 1: How Can We Help You?

How can we help you? We can offer a full range of tiny house services, from fully functional turn-key models, to unfinished tiny house shells that you can complete yourself, to custom building plans, and tiny house renovations (see our services page here). We build completely custom and client-driven design from the trailer up for each of our unique builds. 

Need more info? Browse our FAQs or find in depth information on our Blog!

Winter Utility Guide
Off-Grid Utility Guide
Parking Guide

Step 2: Getting Started

To begin your tiny house journey, fill out our tiny house builder form and tell us what you are looking for. From there, we can give you a loose quote so you can find out about how much you will be spending on your dream project.

Remember, the quote is just an estimate and we are happy to work with you to define the design elements to suit a budget. Once we have agreed on a ballpark price, we can get ready to discuss layouts, design elements, and how to design the utilities to suit your needs. Remember, as we work together to define your design, the price may increase or decrease!

Step 3: Let's Design!

Before we sign a contract and schedule your build, we will spend a bit of time defining your design and finalizing the contract price. This is the time to discuss layouts and make sure the complexity of your build is within your budget. If you have made it to the design phase, you should have a pretty good idea where you plan on parking your house so we can figure out the utility design.

Consider leaving a Research and Development deposit to hold your spot for up to a month so we have the time to get into detail.

Step 4: Leave Your Deposit

Once you are happy with your contract price and proposed design, it's time to leave your deposit. The initial deposit is $5,000, which we use to reserve your custom trailer and your spot in the build schedule. Between the time you leave your deposit and we begin building, we will finish our design journey, working in tandem to create and design the house of your dreams. Half of the contract price is due before construction begins with the remaining due on delivery. 

Remember, we accept contracts on a first come, first served basis, so we cannot save your place in our build schedule until we receive your initial deposit. 



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