Terms & Policies


How to Get Started:

Request a custom quote or request custom services. Add kate (at) tiny house crafters (dot) com to your contact list. Get ready to start designing your custom tiny house with our talented team of designers!

Payment Schedule:

Tiny House Crafters is unable finance our tiny houses. Payments must be made in full. A deposit schedule for tiny house builds may be negotiated. Read about financing options here. 

Building TimeTable:

A custom tiny house will take about four months to design and build with Tiny House Crafters. This will depend greatly on the complexity of your build. Start designing today - request a custom quote.


Anderson has been designing and building custom tiny houses for five years. In total, Tiny House Crafters has built five completely finished tiny houses, four tiny house shells, and completed or helped complete three tiny house projects. We have extensive expertise in building tiny houses for the New England climate. See our models and our about for more details about the Tiny House Crafters crew.

Terms and Conditions:

All tiny houses are sold as is. No refunds for deposits.