John E. Rodrigue, Tiny House Crafters' 8x26 Rodrigue, Maine

"Tiny House Crafters are excellent to work with and very responsive to questions and comments. Very mindful of budget and my particular needs and wants and offered great research and alternatives. Our partnership and team cooperation was invaluable. I love my Tiny Home and enjoyed the adventure of design and building it with Tiny House Crafters." 

Justin & Dani, 8x18 Dormer Addition, Vermont

"Tiny House Crafters" renovations enabled our house to start feeling like a home; from a compromising shelter... to a place we could enjoy for years and years to come. Their knowledge, efficiency, and easy rapport make them our go to people for all those building projects beyond our reach and skill. We love having all the extra light in our loft and the house is considerably warmer and dryer than last year."

Bauer, Hydraulic 8x28 House Renovation, New Hampshire

Tiny House Crafters helped me out of a number of tight spots with their in depth building and structural knowledge and you might guess their impeccable craftsmanship! I turned to them after a minor disaster with previous help, and they absolutely saved me. Building a house on your own is commendable and hard. Having great help is even better, but make sure it's great help like the Tiny House Crafters!" 

Owen Williams, 8x18 Tiny House Renovation, Massachusetts

"Tiny House Crafters came to the rescue when I had trouble finishing the Tiny House I'd been building. They installed the utilities, insulated, and completely finished the interior exactly to my design. Anderson kept in touch throughout the job, sending pictures and videos as he went and responding to requests and changes.  As questions about fine details and specific problems arose, he presented multiple options and solutions with time and money estimates for each.  When the house was done it was even better than I'd dreamed!"