The Sherwood #1

The Sherwood #1 Model was the first tiny house built in 2014. The design featured many exciting upgrades from the first two models (The Oacoma and The Islander), including a fully completed interior and a brand new trailer purchased from renowned tiny house trailer builders designed by Tiny Home Builders, in De Land, Florida. With a space saving, shed style roof, the Sherwood featured a propane heater, full bathroom with plumbed toilet and shower, a full sized kitchen with mini fridge and stainless steel sink, and a hot water heater big enough the serve the shower and two sinks.

The Sherwood #1 Model currently resides in Upstate New York, where it serves as a primary home on undeveloped land. With a few adjustments, the house is ready for primitive living through the winter, thanks to the propane heater. Come summer, the house can grow with the land, and the plumbing and electrical can be hooked up for use.