8x18' Whirly Tiny House

The 8x18' Whirly House was built by Tiny House Crafters for kindie rocker KB Whirly to take on tour as he delights children and parents alike at campgrounds and music festivals around the country.

Together, we created this one-of-a-kind, part-time dwelling complete with drop-down stage for performing arts, clever storage solutions, gray and fresh water storage, all the while staying true to KB's eclectic and unique style.

The Whirly House Features:

  • Drop-down stage with sliding glass door access

  • Convertible bed on wheels that functions as a couch when tucked away and a bed when pulled out

  • Corrugated metal wet bath with Nature's Head Composting toilet and removable decking to prevent wet feet after showering

  • Optional fresh and gray water storage system that can be used when the house is off-grid

  • Two custom closets with adjustable shelves and custom drawers

  • Fully functional kitchen with butcher block counter tops, space saving sink, 2-burner propane cook top, and propane/electric mini fridge

  • Painted and playfully stained plywood and battens wall cladding with cork ceilings

  • Engineered acacia hardwood flooring

  • Rubber shed roof with 2x2’ venting skylight

  • Quirky mix of metal corrugated siding, cedar tongue and groove boards, and cedar shingles

  • Thoughtful and custom details throughout the house

Want to see the Whirly House in action? KB Whirly is on tour now!
Find more information on his website.

Click here to check out the house on Tiny House Talk!


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